The St. Francis School District is committed to providing students, staff and visitors with a safe, secure and inviting environment.  In order to do so, the school district takes a proactive and collaborative approach to this critical endeavor.  This includes an open and cooperative line of communication with the St. Francis Police Department, St. Francis Fire Department, St. Francis Health Department, Milwaukee County Emergency Response and other agencies committed to school safety, such as NASSLEO and WSSCA.  The district also maintains an updated plan for prevention and response, as well as identified personnel trained to support the plan. 

Moreover, the district is committed to engaging in activities and training that prepare all active members of the school community to respond appropriately during emergency situations.

Safety Resources

Saint Francis School District Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) Plan

IEQ Concern Form

Weather Hazard Plan

Climate Survey Data - Weather Hazard Plan


Safety Links

Child Safety Information

Personal Safety for Children - A Guide for Parents

St. Francis Police Department

St. Francis Fire Department

St Francis Health Department

Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office

WSSCA (Wisconsin School Safety Coordinators Association)

NASSLEO (National Association of School Safety and Legal Enforcment Officers)

CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention)

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