Welcome to the St. Francis School District!
Please take some time to travel virtually through our School District and see our schools and classrooms from a new perspective.
The St. Francis School District is located in St. Francis, Wisconsin and consists of one primary school, one intermediate school and one high school. Nestled on the shore of Lake Michigan, just south of Milwaukee, the St. Francis School District is a remarkable PK-12 public institution that strives daily to meet the needs of all students. The vital work of developing and nurturing students to become responsible, healthy, positively contributing and academically equipped citizens is something our team members take great pride in.
We hope you enjoy your virtual visit to our schools and classrooms. One aspect of our District that is difficult to capture on any website is the strength, commitment, and the dedication of our staff.  Through positive relationships and relentless commitment all things are possible. It is with this approach that St. Francis team members provide student learning experiences that are meaningful, relevant and challenging.
We anticipate you will find the website informational, providing a glimpse of what the St. Francis School District offers our students and our children. If you need assistance locating information or have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at (414) 747-3900.
Mr. Blake Peuse
Superintendent of Schools



St. Francis School District
4225 S. Lake Drive
St. Francis, WI 53235
Phone: 414-747-3900
Fax: 414-482-7198

St. Francis High School - 414-747-3600

Deer Creek Intermediate - 414-482-8400

Willow Glen Primary - 414-486-6300