School Social Work Services

School social work services are available to all students and their families in the St. Francis School District.  School social work services generally focus on students who are experiencing barriers to learning success.  Services are most frequently provided to:

  1. Truants, dropouts, and other students whose school attendance interferes with their learning;
  2. Special education students, including students being evaluated for special education needs;
  3. Students who struggle with inappropriate behaviors, including anger or physical or verbal aggression;
  4. Families that are experiencing significant challenges, including domestic violence, AOD abuse, homelessness, mental illness, parent-child conflicts, trauma and proverty;
  5. Students who are high-risk for not graduating, including, potential dropouts, school-age parents or pregnant teens, adjudicated delinquents, and students who abuse alcohol and other drugs; and
  6. Students who have been victimized through traumatic events, such as, child abuse, child neglect, dating violence, sexual assault, neighborhood violence and/or multiple deaths, harassment, and bullying.

The School Social Worker is also available to assist students and parents in locating community resources that could be of benefit, such as, medical doctors, therapeutic counselors, food pantries, and tutorial programs.

The School Social Worker also works with teachers throughout the District and other pupil services staff.  Together, through the Student Support Team (SST), we create services and plans to help students become more successful in the school setting.  This process includes goal setting, arranging appropriate interventions, and progress monitoring.

My goal as a School Social Worker is to assist families in functioning together to solve problems and relate to one another with respect, empathy, guidance, and consistency.  Many times, parents talk with me about their struggles as they try to set behavioral limits in their households.  It is my objective to empower parents and help them to find a management system that works for them.  Being a parent is a tough job, it is expected that you will have questions and concerns along the way.  Keep in mind, there are many resourceful staff available throughout the St. Francis School community and although we do not always have the direct answer, we are here to help you and to be part of the solution.

For more information, please visit:

Kim McBride, School Social Worker





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