Response to Intervention (RtI)

Response to Intervention (RtI) is a model of educational service delivery that is supported by federal and state legislation.  It is based on the idea that educators can use assessment data to inform instruction and monitor progress toward educational goals related to academics and behavior.  RtI is built on a three-tier model.  Tier I represents the core instructional program, within which about 80% of students will have success.  When student assessment information suggests that goals are not being met, Tier II would be the next level of service.  Generally, this tier represents about 10-15% of the student population and includes additional help (i.e., interventions) to supplement the core program.  For the 5-10% of students who do not respond to services provided through Tiers I and II, Tier III is a level of service that is a further extension of the educational program and is highly individualized.  Response to intervention at each level is evaluated before reaching this level of assistance, which may or may not include special education.

The St. Francis School District subscribes to the RtI model and is committed to critically evaluating student progress.  In our District, RtI is implemented through the Student Support Teams (SST), which are functioning at Willow Glen, Deer Creek and the High School.  Parents and school staff can request consideration of specific students for the SST process through the Guidance Department.  The Team examines current functioning, sets goals for improvement, and develops an intervention plan.  Student progress is then monitored through the collection of relevant data.  Each school is building its repertoire of available interventions in order to meet the needs of our student population.  We are excited about identifying concerns and providing interventions in a timely and appropriate manner.

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