Deer Creek Intermediate

Visual Arts Program

     Creativity is a process that allows human beings to draw upon both their intellect and their emotions in order to respond to their environment. Art enables us to reflect upon our experiences in a way that sets it apart from every other discipline. At Deer Creek Intermediate the visual arts program implements a curriculum structured around lessons designed to be developmentally appropriate, with the emphasis on the process vs. the end product.

     Students learn that making art is an on-going evolution of reflection, revision, and evaluation. Standards of achievement include following directions, planning and preparation, attention to detail, individuality and personal expression, effort and persistence, proper use of materials, and following an assignment through to completion.

     It is our hope that students will see art as a unique way to communicate feelings and ideas. Our focus is not on developing "talent"; rather, we believe every student comes into the art room with a set of abilities. Our expectations are that each student come with an attitude to learn and a willingness to develop those abilities. Our hope is that they will be inspired to create meaningful work that reflects thought, craftsmanship, and personal identity.



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