Five Year Old Kindergarten

Five year old kindergarten embraces the balance between social emotional growth and academic readiness.  Willow Glen's K5 program builds upon the literacy practices from K4 and moves students from letter recognition to sounding out words and creating their own books.  Literacy skills and strategies are sprinkled across all curriculum areas.  Art, Music and Physical Education round out the curriculum by allowing students time to develop their inner artist, athlete or musician.   


Reading & Language Arts Learning Targets and Student "I Can Statements" (Grades K4-12)

Math Learning Targets and Student "I Can Statements" (Grades K4-12)



FIVE though the authors eyes:

"Ramona loved Miss Binney so much she did not want to disappoint her.  Not ever.  Miss Binney was the nicest teacher in the whole world." 

Ramona the Pest by Beverly Cleary


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