Willow Glen Music

In music class at Willow Glen, students will sing, dance, and play a variety of songs and activities to help them learn to read and appreciate music

In music, your child may:

  • Often use movement to learn.  
  • Use actions to act out the words in a song, or actions that help them learn musical vocabulary and symbols.  
  • Play musical games  (that teach!) and have a ball taking turns singing one on one to a musical puppet.
  • Move to show expression in music (dance with scarves, ribbons or just our bodies), and just for fun.
  • Gain the beginning vocabulary and experience to read and play notated music
  • Begin learning how to sing on sight by learning some of the solfege syllables do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do.
  • Play instruments of all kinds
  • Learn about the instruments of the orchestra
  • Create simple songs of tier own

Music class also reinforces their reading ability.  Students will get extra practice tracking, reading and following along when they use their music books to read/sing a song. Students will be exposed to a large variety of musical genres including classical, jazz, opera, and contemporary/pop music. Most of all students will be encouraged to participate at their own level of readiness and develop a lifelong appreciation for music.


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