Laurie Pogorzelski
Laurie Pogorzelski
Willow Glen Primary School Principal


Welcome to Willow Glen School!

As principal of Willow Glen, I welcome you to our website which highlights our outstanding learning environment for all children.  Our goal is to create and sustain a culture that fosters student engagement and ensures the academic, emotional, physical and creative development of each child.  At Willow Glen, we inspire the minds of all children that enter our doors!

Our talented staff maintains high expectations for students, through quality instruction and close monitoring of achievement data using varied assessments.  We believe in giving children learning tasks that tell them, “You can be as smart as you want to be.”  This is a quote be Carol S. Dweck, author of Growth Mindset.  At Willow Glen, we watch students tackle challenging work with excitement.  We focus on student growth and celebrate the effort that students apply, the strategies that they use, the choices that they make, and the persistence that they display.  Together with their teachers, children set goals, identify actions to accomplish goals, and enjoy a sense of progress in the process.  Our staff promotes a love for learning and instills resilience in students, as they may face obstacles.  We believe in our children!

The Willow Glen staff is committed to working collaboratively to achieve this shared educational purpose, and to create learning opportunities that respect the diverse needs and learning styles of all children.

Additionally, our school community features a strong partnership between families and teachers. We are grateful for the wonderful students and families at WG!

We invite you to schedule a tour or contact us for further information about our school.  We are proud of WG and would love to show you around.

Thank you for taking the time to navigate through our website.  Check back often for updates and be sure to follow this link for the weekly Principal's blog at

In Partnership,
Laurie Pogorzelski
Willow Glen Principal
Director of Instruction, K-12

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